What a Treat! Jensen Ackles with Daughter Justice Jay

Danneel Ackles Tweets Perfect Cuteness


On Wednesday 12th March, the fans squealed with delight as Danneel Ackles tweeted a very cute, adorable photo of her handsome husband Jensen Ackles and her beautiful daughter Justice Jay (JJ).  She wrote this message alongside the photo:

Lunch with Dad on a weekday…. What a treat!!!!

Jensen Ackles and Justice Jay

Jensen Ackles and Justice Jay


Beforehand, Danneel also tweeted to some of the fans, thanking them for the baby gifts that had been bought for their daughter JJ. Danneel and Jensen are truly appreciated of all the gifts they have received and took the time to thank them.

Do you have a year to say thanks for babies gifts?? Or is that reserved just for wedding gifts??? Either way… Here we go…

Gifts From The Fans


The fans sent the Ackles family beautiful bedding and glider, cool footwear, cute active wear, signet chair, natural mattress, preservative free food and much more for JJ.

@OiloCollection thank you so much for the beautiful bedding and glider! They really completed the nursery!

@pedipedfootwear thanks for all the cool footwear! JJ has enjoyed each and every pair!!xx

@MAMBABY thanks for all the great products! Xx

@me2roo thanks for the cute active wear! Something to help me get motivated to get back in the gym….!

@SvanBaby We love JJ’s beautiful signet chair… It helps to class up our dining room!

@Naturalmat thanks for the natural mattress! Where was this when I was a kid?!?! Love it!

@NurturMe thanks for the organic/preservative free food! JJ loves it, and I love all the unique combos! Good stuff!!!

@tortlebydrjane Thanks for the gift, JJ has a perfectly rounded  little head 😉 This cap was easy to use and helps prevent flat head syndrome

Loved My Many


The Ackles family are loved by many. The photo that Danneel tweeted for the fans has been a real treat for us and we’re very thankful for the Ackles family sharing a beautiful Daddy and daughter moment.

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